Right on the spot

  • Lenorská Rechle – Covered wooden beam footbridge over the Teplá Vltava River, which was used to hold floating timber
  • Bread baking oven – Brick municipal oven for baking bread from the first half of the 19th century
  • Glass Museum – See examples of the famous Lenore glass, which was known throughout Europe
  • Monument of Andreas Hartauer – Memorial to the glassmaker, poet and musician who composed the Šumava anthem
  • Local view of the village of Lenora
  • Barbecue experience in the summer kitchen in the restaurant at Grobián with a summer terrace
  • Soumar Peatland, Soumar bridge
  • Boubín Forest – Boubín Lake, Boubín Lookout Tower (1360 m.a.s.l.)
  • Altitude points – Bobík (1266 m.n.m.), Ptáčník (691 m.n.m.)
  • Stožecká Chapel – Known for its healing water, which is said to have miraculously cured the eyesight of Mr. Klauser, a blacksmith from Volary
  • Stožec – Schwarzenberg Navigation Canal, Černý Kříž
  • Castle Vimperk – State castle from the 13th century, which has undergone extensive restoration
  • Medvědí stezka – The oldest nature trail in Šumava, which takes you all the way to Lipno, all directly accessible by bike

City of Volary

City of Volary is the largest mountain town of Šumava.

  • The historic centre of the town with timbered houses, in the Aplian style. This part of the town has been declared a village conservation area.
  • Swimming pool Volary
  • Volary Museum – Exposition Death March, Old Volary, Golden Trail, clips from history
  • Volarian baking – Bread, buns, garlic pancakes
  • Volary Wood Festival

Glass product as a souvenir

Visit Glasbläserkunst Mauth, where former glassmakers from Lenora work and continue to pursue their excellent glassmaking craft.
Here you can have your own product blown and they will bring it directly to your guesthouse.

SKI areas

Interesting places

  • Village Dobrá – The oldest village in Šumava, since 1995 part of the village has been protected as a village conservation area, many valuable examples of folk architecture
  • České Žleby – Birthplace of the historian and ethnographer of Sumava R. Kubitschek, in the Middle Ages the Golden Trail trade route passed here, Baroque Church of St. Anne, Memorial to the Victims of Violence 1938-1989
  • Strážný – Border crossing, ruins of Kunžvart Castle, Chapel of Mary Help of Christians

Šumava National Park

  • Borová Lada – Chalupská slať
  • Stožec – Soví stezka – Experiential route even for the smallest hikers
  • Kvilda Visitor Centre – Jezerní slať, Jezerní trail, Modrava
  • Srní Visitor Centre – Vlčí stezka